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How many portions of wedding cake?

Pictured: Three tier semi naked Wedding cake 10", 8", 6" tiers to accommodate appoximately 80 guests

The number of portions or servings of a wedding cake depends on many factors, including the size of the cake tiers, the shape of the cake, and how the cake is cut. Additionally, the number of guests at the wedding and whether the cake is the primary dessert or part of a larger dessert spread will influence the number of portions required.
As a general guideline, a traditional wedding cake serving is typically 1" by 2" by the height of the cake. However, with trends continuing towards taller wedding cakes, this portion size could change to 1” x 1”.

The number of portions can be estimated by calculating the volume of the cake and dividing it by the volume of a standard serving.

Here's a rough estimate for round cakes based on a 5” tall tier:

  • A 6-inch round cake serves about 10-15 people.

  • An 8-inch round cake serves about 25-30 people.

  • A 10-inch round cake serves about 35-40 people.

  • A 12-inch round cake serves about 55-60 people.

For square cakes, the number of portions are usually slightly higher:

  • A 6-inch square cake serves about 20 people.

  • An 8-inch square cake serves about 30 people.

  • A 10-inch square cake serves 50 people.

  • A 12-inch square cake serves about 70 people.

Remember, these are general estimates, and actual serving sizes may vary based on the cutting method and the desires of the couple getting married. It's always a good idea to discuss your specific needs and preferences with your wedding cake designer and catering company who will be responsible for cutting your cake on the day.

Another factor to consider is that not every guest will want to eat cake so it might be that you allow for 10% less portions to guest numbers.

Retaining a tier for yourselves might also be something you wish to consider which might require you to move from a three tier design to a four tier option.

Whatever your considerations, do discuss your thoughts with your cake designer as they will have the best experience to guide you in your cake journey.
Happy Planning!
Lisa X
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