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Taking Wedding cakes to the next level.....

Taking your wedding cake design to the next level involves creativity, attention to detail, and personalisation. Here are some ideas to discuss with your designer to help you elevate your wedding cake design:

Image: The Melbourne Cake Company at Goosedale venue

1.     Choose a Talented Designer: With over 14 years’ experience, I have a lot of ideas to help link concepts to cake form reality.  A skilled cake designer is key to bring your vision to life. Work on a visual journey together using search tools and sketched concepts so you are both confident in what can be achieved and your personal needs are being met.


2.     Customise the Design: Work with your designer to customise the design of your cake to reflect your wedding theme, colour scheme, and personal style. You can incorporate elements such as flowers, lace patterns, monograms, or motifs from your invitations or wedding attire.


3.     Explore Non-Traditional Shapes: Instead of the traditional round or square cake, consider opting for a unique shape such as hexagonal, oval, or even asymmetrical tiers to add visual interest.


4.     Size: Not all the cake tiers need to be real. If you’re wanting to create extra stand out why not increase the size of the cake through adding false tiers?


5.     More than just a standard cake stand: Clear acrylic disks, floral crowns, hidden structures to give the illusion of floating tiers and beautiful metallic spacers are all fabulous ways to elevate a design o the next level.



6.     Add Texture and Dimension: Incorporate different textures and decorative elements such as ruffles, fondant draping, edible pearls, metallic accents, or sugar flowers to add dimension to your cake design.

Image: The Melbourne Cake Company creation


7.     Consider Mixed Media: Explore the use of mixed media such as edible gold leaf, hand-painted designs, edible sequins, or sugar sculptures to add sophistication and elegance to your cake.


8.     Think Beyond Fondant: While fondant is a popular choice for wedding cakes, consider alternatives such as buttercream, ganache, or marzipan for a different texture and flavour profile.


9.     Interactive Elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements into your cake design, such as a dessert bar where guests can customise their slices with a variety of toppings or flavours.

10.  Presentation Matters: Pay attention to the presentation of your cake by choosing a beautiful cake stand or display table, and consider adding decorative elements such as fresh flowers, greenery, or candles to enhance the overall aesthetic.

By incorporating these ideas and working closely with your designer, you can create a wedding cake design that truly stands out and reflects your unique style as a couple.

Lets get Designing!

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